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Have your say during the consultation period by making a submission.

We like to hear from our stakeholders and the community during the consultation process. Your input is valuable and helps us improve our policies and activities.

Register with our online services

Before you can make a submission you will need to register with our online services. After you register, you can click on the Update my details link and nominate specific items of interest. This will allow us to keep you updated on consultations and their outcomes. You can also use this link to update your personal details.

How to make a submission

Submissions can be made either online or by downloading the attached form and emailing it to the consultation contact listed in the table below. If you have any questions about a consultation item please email the consultation contact listed.

Any submissions and comments provided to AMSA may be published or made available to the public in another manner unless you request the submission to be kept confidential.

The consultation process

When the consultation period ends, all responses are considered along with other information to help us make decisions, develop policy or finalise regulatory changes. We provide feedback either to you directly, or in the form of a consultation report. If you have any queries about the consultation process, please direct them to the contact officer for the relevant consultation project.

Submissions can be made by any organisation or individual to the project contacts listed on this page.

Open submissions

ID Title (links to current version) Draft for consideration Supporting Material Closing Date Contact Make a Submission Public Submissions
MO28 Draft Marine Order 28 (Operation standards and procedures) 2015   Draft MO28 and supporting material 14/08/2015 Marine Order Draft Enter your submission online  
MO11 Draft consequential amendment to Marine Order 11 (Living and working conditions on vessels) 2015   Summary explanation: MO11 amendment 5/09/2015 Marine Order Draft Enter your submission online View consultations
MO58 Draft Marine Order 58 (Safe management of vessels) 2015 and consequential amendment to Marine Order 31 (Vessel surveys and certification) 2015   Draft MO58 and MO31 amendment 11/09/2015 Marine Order Draft Enter your submission online  
MO503 Draft Marine Order 503 Certificates of Survey) 2015 and Regulatory Impact Statement   Draft MO503, Regulatory Impact Statement and supporting documents 12/10/2015 Send an email Enter your submission online View Public submissions

National System - consultation reports

AMSA recently consulted industry on proposed changes to the National Standard for Commercial vessels (NSCV). The feedback received during consultation and the outcomes are now available to read.

Best practice

Our consultations are guided by principles set by the Australian Government’s Office of Best Practice Regulation.
These principles recommend that a consultation project:

  • be ongoing and begin early in the policy development process;
  • aim to capture a diversity of stakeholders;
  • allow stakeholders sufficient time to provide considered responses;
  • provide stakeholders with sufficient information; and
  • have its objectives clearly explained and provide feedback on how responses have been taken into consideration

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