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Pollution Response

The National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies (National Plan) sets out the cooperative arrangements between governments and industry to respond to maritime pollution incidents.

Responding to marine pollution incidents

Under the National Plan, AMSA provides a pollution response capability to protect the marine environment from pollution and other environmental damage caused by shipping.

Our capability includes:

  • incident response
  • management of equipment and dispersant stockpiles
  • fixed wing aerial dispersant capability
  • training for government and industry response personnel.

Watch the Marine Environment Protection video [MP4 Icon MP4: 17.54Mb].

Response resources

AMSA maintains strategically located stockpiles of marine pollution response equipment and dispersant around the Australian coastline.

The petroleum industry, through the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre Pty Ltd (AMOSC), also maintains strategically located stockpiles. Dispersant equipment and locations around australia

Each State and the Northern Territory also ensure there are sufficient stocks of equipment available, under cooperative arrangements, to address the risks within their areas of responsibility.

AMSA manages the Fixed Wing Aerial Dispersant Capability (FWADC) on behalf of National Plan stakeholders.

The FWADC was developed with and is jointly funded by AMOSC.

The FWADC maintains aircraft in strategic locations around the Australian coastline and provides 24/7 airbase management and loading support arrangements.

Response training

Under the National Plan, we deliver competency-based training courses, as well as online training and workshops for response personnel.

The National Plan is also exercised on an annual basis.

The exercises involve multi-level government organisations and agencies from across Australia, as well as industry representation.

Environmental, scientific and technical advice

Arrangements are also in place under the National Plan to provide environmental, scientific and technical support tools for use in an incident.

These include decision support, trajectory modelling, environmental advice and mapping.

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