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National Plan supporting documents

There are arrangements between AMSA, the State and Northern Territory governments, shipping ports, industry and emergency services for the management of environment emergencies.

Supporting Documents

The National Plan sets out the policy for the management arrangements for maritime environmental emergencies in Australia. The National Plan is underpinned by supporting documents:

  • policies – implementing documents for the strategic management of the National Plan
  • guidance – documents providing guidance for the application of specific response arrangements detailed within the National Plan
  • scientific, technical and operational advisories – advisory documents on specific technical issues.

Policies, guidance and advisories

Ref number Name of document Type of document
NP-POL-001 Role of Technical Advisors (PDF Icon PDF: 120Kb) Policy
NP-POL-002 National Response Team Policy (PDF Icon PDF: 264Kb) Policy
NP-POL-003 Incident Management System (PDF Icon PDF: 1.37Mb) Policy
NP-POL-004 Register of Oil Spill Control Agents for Maritime Response Use (PDF Icon PDF: 264Kb) Policy
NP-REG-001 Register of Oil Spill Control Agents Advisory
NP-POL-005 Air Attack Supervisors and Aerial Observers (PDF Icon PDF: 152Kb) Policy
NP-GUI-001 Deployment of National Plan Equipment (PDF Icon PDF: 148Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-001A Use of National Plan Equipment by States/NT Guidance
NP-GUI-002 Induction of the National Response Team (PDF Icon PDF: 396Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-003 Accessing National Plan Support Arrangements (PDF Icon PDF: 116Kb) Guidance

The Conduct of Post Event and Incident Analysis (PDF Icon PDF: 140Kb)

Lessons management handbook: access the EMA Lessons management handbook 8
NP-GUI-005 Deployment of the National Response Team (PDF Icon PDF: 144Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-006 AMOSC Activation by AMSA (PDF Icon PDF: 140Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-007 Coordination of International Incidents: Notification Arrangement (PDF Icon PDF: 140Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-008 Claims Management (PDF Icon PDF: 310Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-009 Observer Attendance at Marine Pollution Incidents and Exercises (PDF Icon PDF: 100Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-011 Development of Oiled Wildlife Response Contingency Plans (PDF Icon PDF: 128Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-012 Contingency Planning (PDF Icon PDF: 1.10Mb) Guidance
NP-GUI-013 National Plan Oil Spill Dispersant Effectiveness Field Test Kit (Nat-DET) (PDF Icon PDF: 488Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-015 Management and disposal of oil spill debris (PDF Icon PDF: 272Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-016 Discharges of oily water during maritime emergency or response (PDF Icon PDF: 136Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-017 Activation of Fixed Wing Aerial Dispersant Capability (PDF Icon PDF: 172Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-018 National Maritime Places of Refuge Risk Assessment Guidance (PDF Icon PDF: 630Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-019 Conduct of National Plan Exercises: access the EMA Managing Exercises Handbook Guidance
NP-GUI-020 Australian Government Coordination Arrangements for Maritime Environmental Emergencies (PDF Icon PDF: 488Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-021 Spill Trajectory Modelling Guidance
NP-GUI-022 Change of Control Agent Protocol (PDF Icon PDF: 104Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-023 Coordination of cross-border incidents (PDF Icon PDF: 76Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-024 Demobilisation of Equipment (PDF Icon PDF: 120Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-025 Response, Assessment and Termination of Cleaning for Oil Contaminated Foreshores (PDF Icon PDF: 432Kb) Guidance
NP-GUI-026 Marine Oil Spill Response Health and Safety Guidance (PDF Icon PDF: 1.6Mb) Guidance
NP-ADV-001 Volunteer Management (PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb) Advisory
NP-ADV-002 Communication Plan (PDF Icon PDF: 108Kb) Advisory

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