Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Advisories for domestic vessels, operations and seafarers

Operating under the National System

These documents provide advice and directions to delegates and industry on a variety of subjects including policy and technical matters.

Product Guidance Notice Document number


Vessels registered in Queensland before 1 July 2013 - replacement of safety equipment to meet NSCV C7A requirements DCV-A-006 [PDF Icon PDF: 187Kb]
Industry Training Scheme for Reciprocating Steam Powered Vessels DCV-A-010 [PDF Icon PDF: 228Kb]
Photographic Activities Onboard Vessels DCV-A-022 [PDF Icon PDF:189Kb]
General Safety Duties DCV-A-029 [PDF Icon PDF:84Kb]
List of Recognised Islands DCV-A-028 [PDF Icon PDF:220Kb]
The Scope of the National System: Regulated Australian Vessels and Domestic Commercial Vessels DCV-A-030 [PDF Icon PDF:287Kb]
Scheme R (the new Exemption 24) DCV-A-031 [PDF Icon PDF:250Kb]
Certificate of Competency Certificate of Competency (CoC) Grandfathering Arrangements DCV-A-012 [PDF Icon PDF: 183Kb]
STCW endorsement for Engineer Class 3 and Master <80m NC DCV-A-018 [PDF Icon PDF: 231Kb]

Royal Australian Navy Certificates of Competency – Marine Engine Driver

DCV-A-019 [PDF Icon PDF: 208Kb]

Exemption 38 Limitations and Conditions for Exemption 38 (Recognition of Low Complexity Duties) DCV-A-008 [PDF Icon PDF: 230Kb]

Training requirements for Exemption 38 (Recognition of Low Complexity Duties)

DCV-A-014 [PDF Icon PDF: 230Kb]
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Exemption 38 DCV-A-027 [PDF Icon PDF: 82Kb]
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