Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Industry guidance notices and fact sheets for domestic vessels, operations and seafarers

Complying with the National System

The following guidance notices have been prepared to provide up-to-date information to help you understand what you need to do.

Product Guidance Notices and Fact Sheets Document number


Certificate of Survey (Scheme S) and Vessels Exempt from Survey (Scheme NS)

AMSA 543 [PDF Icon PDF: 434Kb]

Initial Survey

AMSA 574 [PDF Icon PDF: 280Kb]

Issue and Display a Unique Vessel Identifier AMSA 527 [PDF Icon PDF: 252Kb]
Loadline Certificate AMSA 755 [PDF Icon PDF: 481Kb]

Sailing clubs delivering recreational sail training and related commercial activities

AMSA 662 [PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]

Electrical Safety on board vessels – Fact Sheet AMSA 661 [PDF Icon PDF: 258Kb]
Grandfathering: Survey Arrangements AMSA 682 [PDF Icon PDF: 266Kb]

Electronic Visual Distress Signals

AMSA 577 [PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]

Altering or Maintaining a Vessel

AMSA 830 [PDF Icon PDF: 219Kb]

How Marine Safety (Recreational use) 2013 - Exemption 04 is applied in respect of a Domestic Commercial Vessel AMSA 677 [PDF Icon PDF: 267Kb]
Class 1B Equipment List AMSA 692 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 1C Equipment List AMSA 693 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 1D Equipment List AMSA 694 [PDF Icon PDF: 250Kb]
Class 1E Equipment List AMSA 695 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 2B Equipment List AMSA 696 [PDF Icon PDF: 314Kb]
Class 2C Equipment List AMSA 697 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]
Class 2D Equipment List AMSA 698 [PDF Icon PDF: 263Kb]
Class 2E Equipment List AMSA 699 [PDF Icon PDF: 251Kb]
Class 3B Equipment List AMSA 700 [PDF Icon PDF: 257Kb]
Class 3C Equipment List AMSA 701 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 3D Equipment List AMSA 702 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]
Class 3E Equipment List AMSA 703 [PDF Icon PDF: 249Kb]
Are you considering your first aid kit and medical equipment requirements? AMSA 671 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.06Mb

Scale D Medical Cabinet

AMSA 749 [PDF Icon PDF: 517Kb]

Scale E Medical Cabinet

AMSA 750 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]

Scale F First Aid Kit

AMSA 753 [PDF Icon PDF: 525Kb]

Scale G First Aid Kit

AMSA 754 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]


General Safety Duties AMSA 678 [PDF Icon PDF: 247Kb]
Parent-Tender Vessel Operations (also known as 'dory operations' AMSA 684 [PDF Icon PDF: 328Kb]
Safety Management Systems AMSA 590 [PDF Icon PDF: 281Kb]

Certificate of Operation

AMSA 544 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]

Towing Operations AMSA 825 [PDF Icon PDF: 712Kb]

Aerial Freestyle Devices

AMSA 589 [PDF Icon PDF: 621Kb]


General Purpose Hand (NC)

AMSA 767 [PDF Icon PDF: 456Kb]

Coxswain Grade 2 (NC)

AMSA 717 [PDF Icon PDF: 270Kb]

Coxswain Grade 1 (NC)

AMSA 718 [PDF Icon PDF: 235Kb]

Master <24m (NC)

AMSA 719 [PDF Icon PDF: 267Kb]

Master (Inland Waters)

AMSA 720 [PDF Icon PDF: 270Kb]

Master <35m (NC)

AMSA 721 [PDF Icon PDF: 276Kb]

Mate <80m (NC)

AMSA 768 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]

Master <80m (NC)

AMSA 722 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]

Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 (NC)

AMSA 723 [PDF Icon PDF: 249Kb]

Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 (NC)

AMSA 724 [PDF Icon PDF: 254Kb]

Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 (NC)

AMSA 725 [PDF Icon PDF: 257Kb]

Engineer Class 3 (NC)

AMSA 726 [PDF Icon PDF: 257Kb]

Eyesight and Medical Requirements for Certificates of Competency

AMSA 578 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]

Qualifying Sea Service

AMSA 731 [PDF Icon PDF: 291Kb]

Sea Service Accrued on Private Luxury Yachts

AMSA 554 [PDF Icon PDF: 412Kb]

Taskbooks - under revision

AMSA 727 [PDF Icon PDF: 512Kb]

Maritime Training Package Mapping for NSCV Part D

AMSA 799 [PDF Icon PDF: 412Kb]

STCW Endorsement for Engineer Class 3 and Master <80m NC

See advisory DCV-A-018

STCW 17 Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognitions Act

AMSA1625 [PDF Icon PDF: 218Kb]

Marine Incidents

Marine Incident Reporting

AMSA 556 [PDF Icon PDF: 213Kb]


Spent Convictions

AMSA 826 [PDF Icon PDF: 190Kb]

Carriage of Harmful Substances in Packaged Form on Domestic Commercial Vessels

AMSA 900 [PDF Icon PDF: 196Kb]

Boat-share and Community Group (Club) Arrangements and the National Law

AMSA 585 [PDF Icon PDF: 499Kb]

Marine Orders and the National Law

AMSA 592 [PDF Icon PDF: 526Kb]

The Meaning of Owner in the National Law AMSA 644 [PDF Icon PDF: 267Kb]

Other Arrangements

Vessels Previously Regulated Under MO62

AMSA 580 [PDF Icon PDF: 171Kb]

Classification Societies and the National Law

AMSA 746 [PDF Icon PDF: 171Kb]

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