Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Industry guidance notices for domestic vessels, operations and seafarers

Complying with the National System

The following guidance notices have been prepared to provide up-to-date information to help you understand what you need to do.

Product Guidance Notice Document number


Certificate of Survey (Scheme S) and Vessels Exempt from Survey (Scheme NS)

AMSA 543 [PDF Icon PDF: 434Kb]

Initial Survey

AMSA 574 [PDF Icon PDF: 280Kb]

Issue and Display a Unique Vessel Identifier AMSA 527 [PDF Icon PDF: 252Kb]
Loadline Certificate AMSA 755 [PDF Icon PDF: 481Kb]

Yachting Australia Vessels

AMSA 805 [PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]

Electronic Visual Distress Signals

AMSA 577 [PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]

Applicable Standards and Requirements for Vessels Under the National System

AMSA 570 [PDF Icon PDF: 380Kb]

Altering or Maintaining a Vessel

AMSA 830 [PDF Icon PDF: 219Kb]

Class 1B Equipment List AMSA 692 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 1C Equipment List AMSA 693 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 1D Equipment List AMSA 694 [PDF Icon PDF: 250Kb]
Class 1E Equipment List AMSA 695 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 2B Equipment List AMSA 696 [PDF Icon PDF: 314Kb]
Class 2C Equipment List AMSA 697 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]
Class 2D Equipment List AMSA 698 [PDF Icon PDF: 263Kb]
Class 2E Equipment List AMSA 699 [PDF Icon PDF: 251Kb]
Class 3B Equipment List AMSA 700 [PDF Icon PDF: 257Kb]
Class 3C Equipment List AMSA 701 [PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Class 3D Equipment List AMSA 702 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]
Class 3E Equipment List AMSA 703 [PDF Icon PDF: 249Kb]
Are you considering your first aid kit and medical equipment requirements? AMSA 671 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.06Mb

Scale D Medical Cabinet

AMSA 749 [PDF Icon PDF: 517Kb]

Scale E Medical Cabinet

AMSA 750 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]

Scale F First Aid Kit

AMSA 753 [PDF Icon PDF: 525Kb]

Scale G First Aid Kit

AMSA 754 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]


Safety Management Systems AMSA 590 [PDF Icon PDF: 281Kb]

Certificate of Operation

AMSA 544 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]

Towing Operations AMSA 825 [PDF Icon PDF: 712Kb]

Aerial Freestyle Devices

AMSA 589 [PDF Icon PDF: 621Kb]


General Purpose Hand (NC)

AMSA 767 [PDF Icon PDF: 456Kb]

Coxswain Grade 2 (NC)

AMSA 717 [PDF Icon PDF: 270Kb]

Coxswain Grade 1 (NC)

AMSA 718 [PDF Icon PDF: 235Kb]

Master <24m (NC)

AMSA 719 [PDF Icon PDF: 267Kb]

Master (Inland Waters)

AMSA 720 [PDF Icon PDF: 270Kb]

Master <35m (NC)

AMSA 721 [PDF Icon PDF: 276Kb]

Mate <80m (NC)

AMSA 768 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]

Master <80m (NC)

AMSA 722 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]

Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 (NC)

AMSA 723 [PDF Icon PDF: 249Kb]

Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 (NC)

AMSA 724 [PDF Icon PDF: 254Kb]

Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 (NC)

AMSA 725 [PDF Icon PDF: 257Kb]

Engineer Class 3 (NC)

AMSA 726 [PDF Icon PDF: 257Kb]

Eyesight and Medical Requirements for Certificates of Competency

AMSA 578 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]

Qualifying Sea Service

AMSA 731 [PDF Icon PDF: 291Kb]

Sea Service Accrued on Private Luxury Yachts

AMSA 554 [PDF Icon PDF: 412Kb]

Taskbooks - under revision

AMSA 727 [PDF Icon PDF: 512Kb]

Maritime Training Package Mapping for NSCV Part D

AMSA 799 [PDF Icon PDF: 412Kb]

STCW Endorsement for Engineer Class 3 and Master <80m NC See advisory DCV-A-018
STCW 17 Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognitions Act AMSA1625 [PDF Icon PDF: 218Kb]

Marine Incidents

Marine Incident Reporting

AMSA 556 [PDF Icon PDF: 213Kb]


Spent Convictions

AMSA 826 [PDF Icon PDF: 190Kb]

Carriage of Harmful Substances in Packaged Form on Domestic Commercial Vessels

AMSA 900 [PDF Icon PDF: 196Kb]

Processing Documents Under the National System

AMSA 748 [PDF Icon PDF: 196Kb]

Boat-share and Community Group (Club) Arrangements and the National Law

AMSA 585 [PDF Icon PDF: 499Kb]

Marine Orders and the National Law

AMSA 592 [PDF Icon PDF: 526Kb]

The Meaning of Owner in the National Law AMSA 644 [PDF Icon PDF: 267Kb]

Other Arrangements

Vessels Previously Regulated Under MO62

AMSA 580 [PDF Icon PDF: 171Kb]

Classification Societies and the National Law

AMSA 746 [PDF Icon PDF: 171Kb]

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