Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Forms — Domestic Vessels, Operations and Seafarers

All completed forms, along with any supporting documentation, should be lodged with a Marine Safety Agency, who will process it on AMSA’s behalf.

Product Form name Document number


Application for Certificate of Survey for a Domestic Commercial Vessel

AMSA 521 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 213Kb]

Application for Approval of a New Scheme Non Survey (NS) Vessel

AMSA 579 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 211Kb]

Request for Periodic Survey of a Domestic Commercial Vessel

AMSA 551 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 86Kb]

Application to Vary the Display of a Vessel Identifier AMSA 524 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 75Kb]
Temporary Operations Approval Pending Issue of a Certificate of Survey AMSA 631 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 66Kb]


Application for Certificate of Operation for a Domestic Commercial Vessel

AMSA 504 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 261Kb]

Part E Assessment Aid
AMSA829 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 167Kb]


Application for a Certificate of Competency

AMSA 534 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 154Kb]

Application for a Qualifying Sea Service Assessment

AMSA 560 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 109Kb]

Eyesight Test Certificate

AMSA 542 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 89Kb]

Self-declaration of Medical Fitness Form

AMSA 558 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 86Kb]

Certificate of Medical Fitness for a Marine Qualification

AMSA 559 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 96Kb]

Record of Sea Service

AMSA 771 [PDF Icon PDF: 346Kb]

Trans-Tasman Notice of Registration

AMSA 887 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 139Kb]

Exemption 38 Training and Assessment Criteria AMSA 508 [PDF Icon PDF: 279Kb]
Final Practical Assessment Record
AMSA 536 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 117Kb]
Application for Approved Trainer Assessor AMSA 735 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 110Kb]

Marine Incidents

Marine Incident Report Form

AMSA 529 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 507Kb]


Notification of a Change to, or Replacement of, a Certificate

AMSA 539 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 105Kb]

Application to Voluntarily Suspend, Revoke or Transfer a Certificate AMSA 600 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 78Kb]

Notification of Change of Ownership

AMSA 582 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 53Kb]

Miscellaneous Form

AMSA 758 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 71Kb]

Commonwealth Statutory Declaration


Internal Review

Application for Internal Review

AMSA 770 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 78Kb]

Exemption Applications

Exemption 04 - Recreational Use Exemption Application

AMSA 775 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 83Kb]

Exemption 06 - Operation Beyond Survey Time Exemption Application

AMSA 776 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 77Kb]

Exemption 07 - Temporary Operations Exemption Application

AMSA 777 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 75Kb]

Exemption 08 - Temporary Service Exemption Application

AMSA 778 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 69Kb]

Exemption 09 - Temporary Crewing Exemption Application

AMSA 779 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 103Kb]

Exemption 13 - Sightseeing Exemption Application

AMSA 791 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 77Kb]

Exemption 14 – Sea Rangers Exemption Application AMSA 618 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 77Kb]

Exemption 15 - Scientific Research and Educational Activities Exemption Application

AMSA 781 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 87Kb]

Exemption 17 - Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait Zone Exemption Application

AMSA 782 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 121Kb]

Exemption 21 - Vehicular Ferry-in-chains Exemption Application

AMSA 787 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 73Kb]

Exemption 22 - Bareboats Exemption Application

AMSA 789 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 70Kb]

Exemption 24 - Emergency Service Vessels Exemption Application

AMSA 792 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 75Kb]

Compliance and Enforcement

Prohibition Notice Declaration

AMSA 808 [PDF Icon PDF: 128Kb]

Improvement Notice Declaration

AMSA 809 PDF Icon PDF: 128Kb]

Direction Notice Declaration

AMSA 898 [PDF Icon PDF: 128Kb]

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