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Forms and Guidance

All completed forms and supporting documentation should be lodged with your local Marine Safety Agency for processing.

Due to streamlining of the National System application process, some Guidance Notices may direct you toward application forms that are no longer available. This issue will be rectified in the near future.

Please utilise the table below to guide you to the correct form for your applications.

Product Forms and Guidance Form number
Unique Vessel Identifier
Application to Vary the Display of a Vessel Identifier AMSA 524 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 75Kb]
Issue and Display Unique Vessel Identifier Guidance Notice AMSA 527 [PDF Icon PDF: 435Kb]
Certificate of Survey Application for Certificate of Survey for a Domestic Commercial Vessel AMSA 521 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 213Kb]
Application for Approval of a New Scheme Non Survey (NS) Vessel AMSA 579 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 211Kb]
Certificate of Survey Guidance Notice AMSA 543 [PDF Icon PDF: 434Kb]
Request for Periodic Survey of a Domestic Commercial Vessel AMSA 551 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 86Kb]
Temporary Operations Approval Pending Issue of a Certificate of survey AMSA 631 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 66Kb]
Initial Survey Guidance Notice AMSA 574 [PDF Icon PDF: 393Kb]
Yachting Australia Vessels Guidance Notice AMSA 805 [PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]
Electronic Visual Distress Signals AMSA 577 [PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]
Notification of change of ownership AMSA 582 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 50Kb]
  Level Flotation Worksheet AMSA 569 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 450Kb]
Certificate of Operation Application for Certificate of Operation for a Domestic Commercial Vessel AMSA 504 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 261Kb]
Certificate of Operation Industry Guidance Notice AMSA 544 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.07Mb]
Certificate of Competency Application for a Certificate of Competency AMSA 534 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 154Kb]
Application for a Qualifying Sea Service Assessment AMSA 560 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 109Kb]
Record of Sea Service AMSA 771 [PDF Icon PDF: 346Kb]
Eyesight Test Certificate AMSA 542 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 89Kb]
Self Declaration of Medical Fitness Form AMSA 558 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 86Kb]
Certificate of Medical Fitness for a Marine Qualification AMSA 559 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 96Kb]
Coxswain Grade 2 (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 717 [PDF Icon PDF: 270Kb]
Coxswain Grade 1 (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 718 [PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]
Master <24m (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 719 [PDF Icon PDF: 267Kb]
Master (Inland Waters) Guidance Notice AMSA 720 [PDF Icon PDF: 270Kb]
Master <35m (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 721 [PDF Icon PDF: 276Kb]
Mate <80m (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 768 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]
Master <80m (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 722 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]
Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 723 [PDF Icon PDF: 249Kb]
Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 724 [PDF Icon PDF: 254Kb]
Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 725 [PDF Icon PDF: 257Kb]
Engineer Class 3 (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 726 [PDF Icon PDF: 256Kb]
General Purpose Hand (NC) Guidance Notice AMSA 767[PDF Icon PDF: 456Kb]
Qualifying Sea Service Guidance Notice AMSA 731 [PDF Icon PDF: 291Kb]
Task Books Guidance Notice AMSA 727 [PDF Icon PDF: 512Kb]
Sea Service accrued on Private Luxury Yachts Guidance Notice AMSA 554 [PDF Icon PDF: 412Kb]
STCW Endorsement for Engineer Class 3 and Master <80m NC Guidance Notice AMSA 590 [PDF Icon PDF: 583Kb]
Trans Tasman qualifications Notice of Registration AMSA 887 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 139Kb]
Trans Tasman Guidance Notice AMSA 888 [PDF Icon PDF: 320Kb]
Marine Incidents Marine Incident Report Form AMSA 529 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 507Kb]
Marine Incident Reporting Industry Guidance Notice AMSA 556 [PDF Icon PDF: 213Kb]
Notification of a Change to, or Replacement of, a Certificate AMSA 539 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 105Kb]
Application to Voluntarily Suspend, Revoke or Transfer a Certificate AMSA 600 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 75Kb]
Notification of Change of Ownership AMSA 582 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 53Kb]
Miscellaneous Form AMSA 758 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 71Kb]
Spent Convictions Guidance Notice AMSA 826 [PDF Icon PDF: 190Kb]
Carriage of Harmful Substances in Packaged Form on Domestic Commercial Vessels Guidance Notice AMSA 900 [PDF Icon PDF: 196Kb]
Commonwealth Statutory Declaration [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 71Kb]
Internal Review Application for Internal Review AMSA 770 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 78Kb]
Exemptions EX04 - Recreational Use Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 775 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 83Kb]
EX06 - Operation Beyond Survey Time Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 776 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 77Kb]
EX07 - Temporary Operations Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 777 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 75Kb]
EX08 - Temporary Service Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 778 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 69Kb]
EX09 - Temporary Crewing Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 779 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 103Kb]
EX13 - Sightseeing Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 791 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 77Kb]
EX14 - Sea Rangers Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 618 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 77Kb]
EX21 - Vehicular Ferry-in-chains Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 787 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 73Kb]
EX22 - Bareboats Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 789 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 70Kb]
EX24 - Emergency Service Vessels Exemption Application / Permit AMSA 792 [Microsoft Word Icon DOC: 75Kb]
Compliance and Enforcement Prohibition Notice Declaration AMSA 808 [PDF Icon PDF: 128Kb]
Improvement Notice Declaration AMSA 809 [PDF Icon PDF: 128Kb]
Direction Notice Declaration AMSA 898 [PDF Icon PDF: 128Kb]
Standards Class 1B – Equipment List AMSA 692 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.41Mb]
Class 1C – Equipment List AMSA 693 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.42Mb]
Class 1D – Equipment List AMSA 694 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.41Mb]
Class 1E – Equipment List AMSA 695 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.48Mb]
Class 2B – Equipment List AMSA 696 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.49Mb]
Class 2C – Equipment List AMSA 697 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.47Mb]
Class 2D – Equipment List AMSA 698 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.50Mb]
Class 2E – Equipment List AMSA 699 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.47Mb]
Class 3B – Equipment List AMSA 700 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.50Mb]
Class 3C – Equipment List AMSA 701 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.49Mb]
Class 3D – Equipment List AMSA 702 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.50Mb]
Class 3E – Equipment List AMSA 703 [PDF Icon PDF: 1.51Mb]
Scale D Medical Cabinet AMSA 749 [PDF Icon PDF: 517Kb]
Scale E Medical Cabinet AMSA 750 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]
Scale F First Aid Kit AMSA 753 [PDF Icon PDF: 525Kb]
Scale G First Aid Kit AMSA 754 [PDF Icon PDF: 259Kb]

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