Bioremediation of oil spills

Research into the bioremediation of oil spills in tropical Australia with particular emphasis on oiled mangrove and salt marsh habitats.

This three-year project assessed short term effects of commonly transported oils and in situ bioremediation on tropical Australian mangrove and salt marsh habitats.

Field work on the project was conducted at Port Curtis near Gladstone in Queensland.


Findings from these studies form the basis for improved guidelines and recommendations for the cleanup and restoration of oiled mangrove habitat around Australia, and elsewhere.

The project was conducted by the Australian Institute of Marine Science and AEA Technology (UK) with assistance from AMSA, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Energy Research and Development Corporation and Shell Research Ltd (UK).

Research report

Read the executive summary of the research report Research into bioremediation of oil spills in tropical Australia.

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Tuesday 11 August 2020