Bunker fuel weathering study report

A vast number of oil spills in Australian waters are due to bunker fuels but very little data existed on how bunker fuels weather in Australian waters.

The movement of oil spilt on the sea is effected by environmental conditions, which may in turn cause changes in the properties of the oil spill.

Oil weathering studies can provide physical and chemical data on how bunker oils change over time (including volumetric loss) and can provide an estimate as to how long they have been on the water.

This data can be used as an input to improve modelling capabilities.

This will potentially reduce the time window for tracking suspect vessels and improve the ability of source identification.

We established a research and development project on the weathering of bunker fuels in Australian waters with the National Plan Environment Working Group. Leeder Consulting was requested to carry out research and this report was compiled as a result. 


Leeder Consulting

Last Updated: 

11 August 2020