Changes to shipping registration legislation come into effect on 1 April 2019

Monday 1 April 2019
Changes have been made to shipping registration laws and some of these changes may impact you.
ships in the ocean

Registering a ship

There are no changes to the way that you register a ship on the Australian Registers unless you do not know the vessel’s full ownership history. Read register a vessel for more information.

Notice of intention to register a ship

If you acquire a vessel you wish to register, and you do not know its full ownership history, you must lodge a notice of intention to register a ship to be published on our website. This is a change to the old requirement for a Gazette notice to be submitted to the Federal Register of Legislation. 

The information in the notice of intention to register will be published on our website for 30 days. This allows any former owners to notify us of any claim they may have to the vessel.

Objections to an intention to register a ship

If you have a claim to a ship for which an notice of intention to register has been published you can submit objections to an intention to register to us.

Closure of registration

The way you close a registration—for ships not required to be registered—has changed.  It is now possible for the legal owner to make an application to close a registration if the Australian registration is no longer required.  Previously this application could only be made by the registered owner. An application for closure of a ship not required to be registered needs to be completed and a statutory declaration provided. In some cases a Bill of Sale will also be required. For more information read Closing a registration.