International Day of the Seafarer 2020

Thursday 25 June 2020
Today is International Day of the Seafarer!
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This year we celebrate the vital role of seafarers in the fight against COVID-19 and the sacrifices they make to deliver essential services.

Seafarers cope with challenging working conditions at the best of times—long periods at sea, irregular work hours, and high work demands.

While seafarers have been on the frontline maintaining the flow of vital goods such as food, medicines and medical supplies, social distancing measures have made their working conditions even tougher. Difficulties around port access, re-supply, crew changeovers and travel restrictions mean seafarers face uncertainty about when they can return home to their families.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has called on Member States to recognise seafarers as key workers and to provide them with the support, assistance and travel options open to all key workers during the pandemic. 

In Australia, operators are also doing what they can to ensure the livelihoods and safety of their crew. Read about how the pandemic has affected crew on Austral Fisheries vessels and how the company has mitigated the associated risks and concerns.

We are also deeply committed to the wellbeing of seafarers. You can now access a variety of resources and support services on our website.