Reduce your impact on the marine environment

Monday 15 July 2019

The marine environment is a precious natural asset.

Seahorse holding cotton bud

Home to over half the earth’s animals and plants, the marine environment is an important source of food, enjoyment and wonder.

Plastic is particularly harmful in the marine environment—it breaks down extremely slowly and can remain in the water for hundreds of years! Wildlife gets tangled up in it and mistakes it for food, causing internal injury and slow starvation.

Plastics and other toxic substances that accumulate in marine food chains ultimately end up on our plate.

You can help by sorting and separating all types of waste on board your boat, so that each type of waste can be recycled or disposed of appropriately. Contact your local marina, boat harbour, port or terminal office to find out what waste collection and disposal facilities are available.

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Photo credit: Justin Hofman / SeaLegacy