We want your feedback about Cape Leeuwin lighthouse heritage management plan

Friday 5 June 2020
Tell us what you think about our draft heritage management plan for Cape Leeuwin lighthouse.
cape leeuwin

Cape Leeuwin Lightstation was placed on the Commonwealth Heritage List in 2004. The lightstation has contributed to the establishment of marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) along the Western Australian coastline. It is known for its original lens array and mercury bath system, aesthetics, and its inherent characteristics of a late nineteenth century lighthouse complex.  

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was listed on the Western Australia state heritage database in 2005 for its aesthetic, historic, scientific and social value, in addition to its significant rarity and representation. The site is also of high cultural significance to the Wardandi people.  

Built in 1896, the lightstation is situated approximately nine kilometres south of Augusta along the Australian south-west coast. The lightstation comprises of a lighthouse tower, three keeper’s cottages, an education centre/office, staffroom and store shed. The larger part of the lightstation is managed by the Western Australia National Parks and Wildlife Service (Parks WA). The lightstation is open to visitors all year.  

Read the draft heritage management plan and give us your feedback.