Works underway at Cape Byron Lighthouse

Tuesday 12 May 2015
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is currently undertaking renovation and upgrade works at the Cape Byron Lighthouse in New South Wales.
Media Release

The first stage of the project started in late April and involves removing the existing paint from the inside of the lighthouse and repainting the exterior walls of the lighthouse. The external walls will be completely painted white, reverting to the lighthouse’s earliest known colour scheme. The lighthouse has had various coloured lower bands over the years.

The painting works are expected to be completed by early June 2015.

AMSA will also be upgrading the light source of the lens to a modern LED (light emitting diode) after painting works are complete as part of a trial.

Incandescent lamps have been used in lighthouses across the country for many years, but they are being progressively phased out and replaced by LED lights. The 1000 watt lamps currently used at Cape Byron and similar lighthouses are becoming increasingly difficult to source and are not cost effective.

The LED design which will be installed at Cape Byron is derived from research and field trials undertaken by the Joint Lighthouses Authorities’ Research and Radionavigation facility in the United Kingdom. A similar light was commissioned by the Port of Darwin at Emery Point in 2013. Similar light sources have also been successfully implemented in lighthouses in several other countries to date.

The use of the LED light will reduce power usage and maintenance needs at the lighthouse due to increased longevity and reliability. A suitable aid to navigation for mariners will be maintained and the original heritage lens will be kept operational. The effectiveness of the LED installation will be reviewed at the end of 2015.

While the works are in progress, the inside of the lighthouse will be closed to the public. The public can continue to access most of the areas around the lighthouse.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse has been in operation since December 1901 and is located on Australia’s most easterly point.

For more information about the works at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, contact AMSA on (02) 6279 5000.