Guidance for conducting assessments during COVID-19

This guidance is for registered training organisations conducting the AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA) during the COVID-19) period.

We recognise that there will be significant issues for RTOs to adequately deliver and assess students for the AMPA in the current COVID 19 environment.

In addition to our requirements (detailed in Reference A: section 3—assessments) AMSA approved assessors and RTOs must also comply with the relevant commonwealth, state and territories guidance and directions for employers, social distancing and hygiene. 

Applicants who want to be issued with a new certificate of competency

For those applicants who want to be issued with a new certificate of competency, they must comply with all of the requirements in Marine Order 505—Certificates of competency—National Law 2013 and the NSCV Part D – Crew Competencies

An RTO that has students who wish to complete the AMPA process must be able to comply with AMSA’s requirements and the requirements detailed by the Department of Health and the relevant commonwealth, state or territory in all aspects while the AMPA is being conducted.

If the AMPA, first aid and other supporting courses cannot be completed, therefore satisfying the requirements of MO 505 and the NSCV Part D—crew competencies, we will be unable to process and issue a new certificate of competency.


A. Directions for RTO’s Approved as Final Assessors
B. Administrative Arrangements for the Approval of RTO’s as Final Assessors (AMSA132)
C. National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV), Part D – Crew Competencies

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Last updated: 

Friday 3 April 2020