Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Diesel engines emit nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are air pollutants that have harmful effects on the environment and human health.

Impacts on health

NOx damages the lungs and has been linked to heart disease, lower birth weight in newborns and increased risk of premature death. 

Impacts on the environment

NOx can lead to acid rain, which damages crops, vegetation and infrastructure, and contributes to the pollution of coastal waters and poor air quality in the form of smog.  

Global reduction in emissions

Globally, the shipping industry is reducing NOx emissions by requiring marine diesel engines with a power output of greater than 130kW to comply with NOx emission standards.

To confirm an engine is compliant, it must be accompanied by an engine international air pollution prevention (EIAPP) certificate and supporting technical file.

New measures

To assist Australian DCV owners and operators comply with the NOx emissions standards in the long-term, we are progressing several new measures through planned amendments to Marine order 97.

An exemption to the requirement to hold EIAPP certificates and technical files is also available in the interim.