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International engagement

Part of AMSA’s obligation

Australia is responsible for managing its national policies and procedures in line with the international conventions to ensure that AMSA can provide an effective search and rescue service.

International Engagement

AMSA has been given broad responsibilities by the Government to represent Australia in the International Maritime Organization (IMO).  This representation includes specialist input across the entire maritime spectrum including ship safety, pollution prevention matters, qualifications, and search and rescue considerations consistent with Australia’s international obligations.

Additionally, AMSA works closely with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and other Australian Government aviation agencies to fulfil Australia’s obligations as a signatory to the Convention on International Civil Aviation andas a Council member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

AMSA SAR staff actively participate in the ICAO/IMO Joint Working Group on the Harmonisation of Aeronautical and Maritime SAR where we maintain our status of one of the eight Aeronautical SAR members. Assisting ICAO and IMO in developing provisions regarding new SAR techniques and procedures where both aeronautical and maritime interests are involved. This involves the provision of a search and rescue (SAR) service, SAR expertise and advice, and assistance in progressing ICAO and IMO major initiatives.

Further Information

For more information on ICAO, visit the official ICAO website

For more information on IMO, visit the official IMO website

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