Australian Maritime Safety Authority

SAR response, capability and technology

Responding to search and rescue

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) provides search and rescue (SAR) response capability and technology to assist in locating people in distress anywhere within the Australian search and rescue region.

SAR response capability and technology

AMSA provides a 24 hour search and rescue service for incidents that occur within the Australian SAR region.

To continue the ongoing development of the Australian SAR service, AMSA must be able to maintain SAR response capabilities to suit Australia’s geographical needs. This includes providing:

  • the relevant ground stations and technologies to receive distress alerts from the international COSPAS SARSAT satellite system
  • strategically located SAR aircraft
  • trained SAR personnel.

AMSA must also keep abreast of emerging SAR technologies that enhance SAR capability as we move into a period of fast advancing technologies.

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