2020 monthly incident reports

The information you provide in your incident report plays an important part in guiding the way we improve maritime safety for everybody on the water. By reporting marine incidents to us, you are also meeting your reporting obligations under Australian laws.

April 2020

There were 31 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels in April 2020. Of these, nine were serious.

State Vessel type Incident
VIC Class 2 – Non passenger Pilot did not disconnect safety lanyard to pilot boat before climbing ladder. It resulted in the pilot being pulled off the ladder and back onto the vessel. The pilot hit the railing and suffered a torn bicep.
QLD Class 1 – Passenger A crew member was attacked by a shark and died after swimming off the charter vessel prior to its return to Gladstone.
QLD Class 3 – Fishing (commercial) During lobster diving operations, a crew member was struck by the dory’s propeller causing lacerations to his lower body and bruising to his chest. The man suffered serious injuries and was medivaced to Cairns hospital for treatment.
NSW Class 1 – Passenger A ferry made hard contact with the wharf resulting in damage to a handrail. There was minor damage to a nearby pile and no further damage to vessel.
VIC Class 3 – Fishing (commercial) A solo crew member lost his footing when the vessel was hit by an approximately 3m swell while preparing to deploy the anchor for the night. Sustained serious injuries from the fall and shore-based support organised the man’s transfer to hospital.
QLD Class 3 – Fishing (commercial) A crew member returning from a dive found his vessel had capsized. The man activated his EPIRB, and VMR Bowen assisted in towing the vessel back to Bowen.
NSW Class 1 – Passenger The starboard quarter of a passenger vessel made contact with the north edge of a pylon, crushing the metal sponson of the vessel. Passengers disembarked safely and no injuries were reported.
QLD Class 3 – Fishing (commercial) A crew member was stung by an Irukandji jellyfish while diving. RFDS authorised the administration of morphine and the crew member was medivaced and transferred to hospital.
VIC Class 3 – Fishing (commercial)

A crew member was unravelling the bin lift rope when he lost his balance during rough seas. He fell against the bin lift control while still holding the rope, the bin lift winch activated and pulled his hand into the winch resulting in serious injury. 

Following a review of the incident, the operators installed a safety guard around the bin winch control to prevent a reoccurrence.

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Friday 22 May 2020