2020 monthly incident reports

The information you provide in your incident report plays an important part in guiding the way we improve maritime safety for everybody on the water. By reporting marine incidents to us, you are also meeting your reporting obligations under Australian laws.

June 2020

There were 41 reported incidents involving domestic commercial vessels in June 2020. Of these, 12 were serious and 1 very serious.

State Vessel Type Incident
NSW Class 2 – Non-passenger VERY SERIOUS – Vessel capsized suddenly during sea trials following maintenance work/warranty repairs. No injuries reported.
QLD Class 1 – Passenger A passenger injured while spear fishing in the water.  Medevac transferred the patient to hospital for treatment.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessel grounded while transiting channel. Engine was stopped and waited for tide rise. Vessel re-floated, sea trial revealed damaged propeller.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessel capsized after breaking away from towing vessel. Tow rope was found not to be secure. Vessel retrieved. No injuries reported.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessel collided with exposed sand at night while travelling at 12-15knots. The collision caused the vessel owner to be flung overboard sustaining injuries. No damage to the vessel, owner transferred to hospital for treatment.
WA Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessels crane wire parted on commencement of cargo operations. No damage or injuries reported.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Crew member sustained crush injury to arm after being struck by excavator preparing to lift a waste oil drum. Investigation ongoing.
QLD Class 1 – Passenger Vessel sustained a hull breach due the port stern quarter coming in contact with a pontoon. No ingress of water.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Crew member sustained an injury after the vessel collided with an unlit mooring drum. Transferred to hospital via ambulance for treatment. Damage to the vessel unknown at this stage.
QLD Class 1 – Passenger Vessel made contact with a pontoon causing a hole in the port aft, under the passenger disembark sliding door. No passengers onboard at the time, no damage to the pontoon.
TAS Class 3 – Fishing (commercial) Vessel dragged anchor onto reef causing grounding. Vessel refloated at high tide with the help of nearby vessels, during the tow back to shore, the tow rope broke causing the vessel to ground again. Damage sustained to rudder, propeller and keel from both incidents.
QLD Class 2 – Non-passenger Customer service officer sustained injuries after slipping while boarding the vessel, causing her to fall overboard. Crew retrieved her quickly and medical assistance was called to the wharf.
SA Class 2 – Non-passenger Vessel grounded on sandbar while navigating shallow waters. Damage to vessel unknown.

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Thursday 30 July 2020