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Applying for a temporary pass

An unregistered ship can be issued with a temporary pass so it can travel between a foreign port and an Australian port (or vice versa), or from one foreign port to another.

The temporary pass is issued only under special circumstances, and will show where and when the ship is authorised to travel.
Temporary passes can also be issued to unregistered vessels participating in yacht races.

How to apply for a temporary pass

Ship owners or operators can apply for a temporary pass by completing an Application for Temporary Pass form. The form is sent to the Shipping Registration Office at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority  (AMSA) along with any supporting documentation and the application fee.

Temporary passes for yacht races

Unregistered Australian yachts participating in races between an Australian and a foreign port can be issued with a temporary pass provided that:

  • the race is conducted by a yachting organisation which is affiliated with the Australian Yachting Federation; and
  • the Australian Yachting Federation provides written confirmation of the affiliation and the details of the race and the participants.

Application process for yacht races

  • One temporary pass is needed for the outgoing voyage and another pass is needed for the return voyage.
  • The application forms and fees are sent to the Shipping Registration Office at AMSA along with written confirmation by the Australian Yachting Federation. These can be collected by the race organiser on behalf of yacht owners or operators and sent as a bulk lot to the Shipping Registration Office.

Registered yachts do not need temporary passes but they must carry their registration certificate.


Fees are payable in advance to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Please see the shipping registration fees page for more details. GST does not apply to services supplied by the Shipping Registration Office.

Related information

Temporary Passes fall under the provision of Section 23 of the Shipping Registration Act 1981 and Regulation 17 of the Shipping Registration Regulations 1981.

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