17/2015—New and revised charges for AMSA services

New and revised charges for AMSA services come into effect on 1 October 2015

Supercedes 8/2011

Ship owners, ship operators, seafarers and shipping industry organisations are advised that new and revised charges for AMSA services will come into effect on 1 October 2015. These charges will replace those which have been in effect since 4 July 2011.

Details of new and revised charges can be found in the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Fees Determination 2015.

Charges have been set for a range of services including:

  • inspection of vessels and equipment
  • processing determinations, declarations, exemptions or approvals
  • assessing applications from seafarers, pilots, pilotage providers, recognised training organisations and providers of vessel traffic services
  • matters related to the registration of ships.

The Determination has been updated to reflect current cost structures and revised processes for service delivery following consultation with industry stakeholders.

Whilst there is an increase in the hourly rate for services provided by AMSA’s inspectors (port marine surveyors), the charges for some fixed-fee services have been reduced.

A Cost Recovery Implementation Statement provides further details about AMSA’s overall cost recovery approach for both services and levy-funded activities.

Download New and revised charges for AMSA services—marine notice 17/2015 (PDF 67 KB) (PDF 66.09 KB)

Gary Prosser
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
GPO Box 2181
September 2015

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Thursday 21 January 2021