8/2014—Australian Vessel Traffic Services

Reminding VTS of their obligations to provide reports required by a VTS Authority.

The purpose of this marine notice is to advise masters of the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) in Australia which are authorised under the Navigation Act 2012 and Marine Order 64 (Vessel Traffic Services) 2013 (MO 64), and to remind them of their obligations to provide reports required by a VTS Authority, and to comply with instructions given by a VTS Authority regarding vessel movements.

Authorised vessel traffic services in Australia

Authorities authorised in Australia to provide a vessel traffic service under the Navigation Act 2012 and in accordance with IMO’s Guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services (IMO Resolution A.857(20).

Masters’ responsibility

Under MO 64, masters are required to:

  • Provide reports required by a VTS authority - The master of a vessel must give to a VTS authority each report or any information the VTS authority requires the master to provide. Information may be required, for example, about the identity, intended passage or geographical location of the vessel, and
  • Comply with instructions of VTS authority - The master of a vessel must comply with each instruction for the movement of the vessel given to the vessel by a VTS Authority.

AMSA is the Competent Authority for VTS in Australia. MO 64 (Vessel Traffic Services) 2013 is made under Chapter 6 of the Navigation Act 2012.

Vessels may also be required to comply with local port requirements under state legislation when in Australian port limits. Masters are advised to communicate with port authorities not listed in the Annex to this Marine Notice regarding their reporting requirements prior to entry.

Download Australian Vessel Traffic Services—marine notice 08/2014 (PDF 63 KB) (PDF 62.28 KB)

Further information

For further information on Australian law and the requirements see:

Marine Order 64 (Vessel Traffic Services) 2013

Navigation Act 2012 

Where additional information is required queries may be sent to AMSA


Mick Kinley 
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
April 2014 
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
GPO Box 2181

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Tuesday 20 April 2021