Exemption 26—Marine Safety (Expired certificates)

This exemption is for people who work on or who want to work on a domestic commercial vessel without the required certificate of competency.

You do not need to apply to us for this exemption.

What this exemption will allow you to do

If you had a certificate of competency issued by a state or Northern Territory marine safety agency and:

  • the certificate expired before 30 June 2013
  • you have applied to us for an equivalent National Law certificate of competency 
  • you meet the criteria for renewal

then Exemption 26 exempts you from the following:

  • the requirement to complete the course mentioned in Schedule 1 of NSCV Part D for the certificate applied for
  • colour vision test and vision test (if you are applying for General Purpose Hand, Coxswain 1 near coastal, Coxswain 2 near coastal, Master less than 24 metres near coastal, Master (Inland waters) and Marine engine driver grade 2 near coastal or Marine engine driver grade 3 near coastal) 
  • sea time requirements  (if you are applying for a Master less than 35 metres near coastal, Master less than 80 metres near coastal, Marine engine driver grade 1 near coastal, Engineer class 3 near coastal or Mate less than 80 metres near coastal)
  • the requirement to undergo and pass a final assessment. 

Note: that this exemption does not allow you to operate on the expired certificate. You must wait until we assess your application for the equivalent National Law certificate of competency.

Legislation and incorporated material

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Last Updated: 

15 October 2020