Exemption 29—Marine safety (Recording activities) EXPIRED

This exemption was relevant to people who were recording sporting or recreational activities (eg diving, swimming, fishing) on board a vessel.

This exemption expired on 30 June 2019 and will not be replaced.

An approval from the National Regulator was required to use this exemption. 

You were eligible for this exemption if your vessel:

  • was  less than 7.5 metres long 
  • undertook an operation previously undertaken within the year ending on 30 June 2013, and 
  • was only a domestic commercial vessel because it was used for producing a record of sporting or recreational activities such as fishing, diving and swimming. 

Exemption 29 allowed you to operate your vessel in D or E waters without a certificate of survey.

The National Law excludes a vessel that would only be a domestic commercial vessel because it is used for a promotional activity, including an activity to produce an advertisement or as part of a film set.  

Most activities previously carried out under Exemption 29 are likely to be  considered ‘promotional activities’ excluded from National System requirements.

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Last Updated: 

1 July 2019