Exemption 30—Marine Safety (Navigation Act seafarer qualifications)

This exemption is for people who have an international seafarer certificate and want to work on a domestic commercial vessel without the required certificate of competency.

You do not need to apply to us for this exemption.

You will need to keep all the supporting documents on board and ready to be presented to authorities if required.

What this exemption will allow you to do

Exemption 30 will allow you to perform duties or functions on a domestic commercial vessel if you have an international seafarer certificate instead of a domestic qualification.

You are also eligible for Exemption 30 if you have a certificate of recognition listed below.

If you have a restriction on your international seafarer certificate, the same restrictions will apply on your domestic operations.

International seafarer certificates and corresponding domestic commercial certificate

The following international seafarer certificates are accepted by us for the corresponding domestic commercial certificate of competency:


Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Last Updated: 

14 April 2022