Exemption 34—Marine Safety (Expired perpetual certificates)

This exemption is for people who work on or who want to work on a domestic commercial vessel without the required certificate of competency.

If you are applying for a certificate of competency, you may be able to use this exemption.

You do not need to apply separately for the exemption.

What this exemption will allow you to do

Exemption 34 exempts you from needing to meet certain criteria for a certificate of competency including:

  • providing evidence of completion of a course mentioned in Schedule 1 of NSCV Part D
  • fulfilling sea time requirements mentioned in Marine Order 505.

You are eligible for this exemption if you:

  • held a certificate of competency that was:
    • issued under a law of New South Wales
    • expired because of clause 5 of Schedule 8 of the Marine Safety (Commercial Vessels) Regulation 2010 (NSW)
    • was a perpetual certificate, and
  • applied for a certificate of competency that is an equivalent qualification mentioned in Schedule 3 of NSCV Part D

Your certificate of competency approval may be subject to additional conditions.

Legislation and incorporated material

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Last Updated: 

15 October 2020