NSCV Part G: Non-survey vessels

Specifies the minimum standards for design and construction and safety equipment.

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NSCV Part G: Non-survey vessels


Commenced 1 January 2021: NSCV Part G: Non-survey vessels (PDF 501 KB)


The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part G specifies the following for non-survey vessels and other domestic commercial vessels that are not required to have a certificate of survey:

(a) the minimum standards for design and construction

(b) the minimum safety equipment to be carried on board.


This edition 2.4 (1 January 2021) amends Schedule 1 to include alternative arrangements for EPIRBs on small (<7.5m) vessels operating in open waters (offshore operations (B waters) or restricted offshore operations (C waters)). 

The changes implement the results of feedback from, and consultation with, industry regarding the practicality of installing float-free EPIRBs on small vessels.

Operators of vessels less than 7.5m in measured length, that operate in open waters more than 2nm from land, and do not have level flotation, now have the option to choose to carry either:

  • A float-free EPIRB, or
  • If all persons on board are wearing a lifejacket - any GNSS (GPS) equipped EPIRB that complies with Australian Standard 4280.1:2017.

This edition also introduces several new definitions relation to EPIRBs:

  • Float-free EPIRB
  • Float-free bracket
  • GNSS equipped EPIRB
  • Water-activated EPIRB
Assistance and tools

Equipment guidance notices for non-surveyed vessels:


Superseded  Superseded standards for commercial vessels

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Tuesday 4 January 2022