Special arrangements in Exemption 8 for renewing certificates of competency

If you are renewing a certificate of competency, we have put in place special arrangements through exemptions allowing you to continue to work a vessel for a limited time—where we take longer than the permitted time to process your application.

We are currently handling a high volume of national system certificate applications.

What the exemptions apply to

The exemptions apply to renewal or revalidation applications for a certificate of competency that have been with AMSA for more than 30 days for certificates of competency.

This is because these applications may be deemed refused due to time limits in marine order 501 and marine order 505.

You have the right to a review of any such deemed refusal of your application. However, we consider it would be more efficient for us to continue to assess your application while you continue to work.

No need to apply for the exemption

You do not need to apply for the exemption. The exemption will apply if the following conditions are met.

The exemption applies if:

  • you submitted your renewal application between 1 June 2018 and 1 February 2019
  • your renewal application is for the same duties you are currently certified to perform and you meet the renewal criteria in marine order 505
  • more than 30 days have passed after we received your application, or after we received any further information we requested.

The exemption is then valid for the following 30 days, or fewer if we decide your application before the 30 days elapse.

To help avoid any gap between the time your certificate expires and the start of this exemption, you are encouraged to apply to renew your certificate at least a month before it expires, and respond promptly to any requests from AMSA for further information.

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Monday 25 March 2019