Panel for the provision of opportunity based search and rescue services

We are a Commonwealth statutory authority which provides services to the Australian maritime industry.

Sometimes we need to seek the help and support of private companies to deliver our services.

AMSA has an existing contract to provide dedicated search and rescue (SAR) services. 

In addition to dedicated services, we have existing arrangements with a number of Federal, State and Territory governments and agencies and other fixed wing and helicopter operators to provide us with SAR services on an opportunity basis.

Opportunity based services refer to services that an operator provides to AMSA if, at the time required by AMSA, the operator happens to have an aircraft and crew available to perform the task required (rather than as a dedicated asset for AMSA). 

Some of these operators are provided with specialised equipment and training in certain SAR techniques. These operators can be asked to undertake a variety of SAR missions including visual and electronic search operations and the deployment of emergency life-saving equipment such as life rafts, dependent upon their particular capabilities. 

Three broad types of opportunity based SAR services are being sought:

  • rescue capable helicopters
  • helicopters capable of performing search functions
  • fixed wing aircraft capable of performing search functions.

We are seeking aviation operators that can provide a high standard of capability in the delivery of opportunity services. Applicants need to be aware that search and rescue operations are demanding, must be performed to exacting standards, may require specialised equipment and crew skills, and may be performed in remote locations under adverse conditions.

The following document and draft contract provide more information about the opportunity based panel:

Last updated: 

Tuesday 24 March 2020