Vessel Traffic Services Working Group

The Vessel Traffic Services Working Group (VTS WG) discusses the delivery of vessel traffic services around Australia.

The VTS WG is a consultative group that allows information sharing between VTS authorities and stakeholders for a better understanding of the delivery of vessel traffic services in Australia.


The VTS WG is made up of maritime authorities, port authorities, pilots and other stakeholders.

Members are responsible for meeting their own costs associated with participation.

Chair: AMSA Principal Advisor Vessel Traffic Services

Meeting schedule

The group meets twice a year or more frequently if required. The outcomes—including unresolved issues requiring escalation—will be in the report from each meeting.

Inter-sessional meetings or communication between sub-groups required to complete a task or study may be required.

The meetings are usually held in:

  • March/April
  • September/October


The group circulates newsletters on VTS issues. Read the latest newsletter.


Last updated: 

Thursday 16 May 2019