Personal protective equipment provides the final protective barrier for workers where oiling or other conditions can pose a health or safety hazard. Jurisdictions are responsible for ensuring their NRT personnel are equipped with appropriate PPE.

The following is the minimum standard level of PPE, suitable for general field operations. Other equipment may be necessary in other locations or where specific hazards apply.

Eyes Safety glasses (clear or tinted) Field
Body Long sleeve shirt and long pants, or similar coveralls – all oil resistant Field

Work gloves – oil resistant

  • Rigger’s leather or synthetic
  • Nitrile (not latex)
Feet Enclosed oil resistant footwear Field
Head Sun hat Field

Additional PPE may include:

Item Role
Log book/notebook IMT
Mobile phone IMT/Field
Mobile internet and Wi-Fi enabled laptop IMT
Sunblock Field
Hard hat Field
Hearing protection Field
Polarised sunglasses Field
Hi-vis vest Field
Wet weather gear Field
Cold weather gear Field
Digital camber or phone with camera Field
Personal first aid kits Field
PLB/EPIRB (AMSA supplied) Field
Personal Floatation Device Field

All PPE should be: 

  • The final barrier applied to any hazard
  • Well maintained and easily accessible
  • Appropriate for the type of work and give appropriate protection for the risk
  • Compatible with other PPE in use and not create extra health or safety risks
  • Compatible with any workers’ medical needs or conditions
  • Easy to use, fit properly and comfortable for extended use
  • Compliant with relevant Australian Standards