AMOSC core group membership

The minimum number of AMOSC Core Group members is 84; drawn from member companies. AMOSC funds the training, revalidation and management of Core Group members.

Group skills and experience

All Core Group members will have successfully completed AMOSC’s IMO Level I Operations course, and been assessed by their parent company and by AMOSC as being experienced, competent and capable.

Each Core Group member is required to attend a revalidation activity (typically a workshop) every 2 years to maintain their status in the Core Group.

A number of AMOSC Core Group members have enhanced their spill response skills through completion of more advanced AMOSC training courses, typically the IMO Level II course on Oil Spill Response Management. Core Group members who have these qualifications, and subsequently demonstrate ongoing competence during exercises and actual spill responses, are streamed into the more advanced parts of the AMOSC Core Group.

AMOSC’s objective is to maintain the following minimum composition of the Core Group:

  • Incident Controller support (5-10 members)
  • Management support (30+ members)
  • Field Operators (60+ members

This is in addition to Core Group members who are trained in aerial observation; shoreline response and Oiled Wildlife response.

AMOSC and AMSA have agreed to train and exercise the Core Group and National Response Teams together where possible.

Activation of AMOSC Core Group

Access to the Core Group for governments can be made via AMSA to AMOSC, or directly to AMOSC. AMOSC members may access the Core Group directly through AMOSC in accordance with the National Plan AMOSC activation by AMSA Guidance document (NP-GUI-006).