Surveyor of domestic vessels

Find everything you need to be an accredited surveyor in the Australian maritime industry.

If you're a surveyor of domestic vessels, you can access forms and guidance materials, and find out about the marine surveyors accreditation scheme.

About the marine surveyors accreditation scheme

We accredit surveyors to act as a third party providers to make sure that domestic commercial vessels needing surveys can access them easily.

Find out about the scheme including the types of surveys, and categories for survey activities.

Managing your accreditation

As an accredited surveyor, you can add categories to your accreditation, and apply to vary or remove conditions on your accreditation. You also need to notify us of a change of personal details such as your employer, name change, or any charges or complaints against you.

Find out more about managing your accreditation.

Marine surveyors accreditation guidance manual

The guidance manual provides all the details you need about the accreditation scheme, how to apply, and how to conduct surveys once you are accredited.

View the marine surveyors accreditation guidance manual.


We provide forms to help you apply for and manage your marine surveyor accreditation.

Access the forms you will need to manage your accreditation.

Last updated: 22 November 2017
Last reviewed: 22 November 2017