Australia at the IMO
  • Australia is a foundation member of the IMO and has held a seat on the IMO Council—the organisation’s executive organ—for many years.
  • Australia is a category b member of the IMO Council and we work hard to ensure the Organization is ready to meet the new challenges arising from emerging technology, global trade expansion, and environmental developments.
  • Australia has diverse and balanced interests at the IMO and a strong commitment to develop fair and effective shipping standards.
  • Australia works with every Member State to ensure IMO Council decisions are equitable and sustainable.
  • Shipping is critical to Australia’s economic prosperity, environmental protection and standard of living, transporting 98 per cent (by volume) of Australia’s international merchandise trade.
Australian delegation IMO
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Our contribution
  • Australia successfully championed the establishment of an open-ended working group for IMO reform.
  • We argue strongly for increased council membership, greater transparency and inclusiveness, and 4-year Council terms.
  • Australia works with Member States and the IMO Secretariat to achieve fair and sustainable council decisions.
  • Australia is dedicated to the work of IMO. We participate in all IMO meetings and maintain permanent representation in London.

Council membership comes under one of three categories:

  • Category a comprises 10 Member States with the largest interest in providing international shipping services
  • Category b comprises 10 Member States with the largest interest in international seaborne trade
  • Category c comprises 20 Member States with special interests in maritime transport or navigation and whose election to Council ensures representation by all major geographic regions of the world
  • The IMO develops and maintains comprehensive standards for international commercial shipping.
  • The IMO works to prevent marine and atmospheric pollution from ships, and supports the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.
  • The 40 Member IMO Council is elected by the Assembly.
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