Get an automatic identification system

Get the right automatic identification system (AIS) for your vessel.

You will need to decide whether you need a shipborne or non-shipborne AIS.


These are carried onboard vessels.


These are not carried onboard vessels. There are two types of non-shipborne AIS:

  • AIS Aids to navigation (AtoN).
  • AIS base stations.

Flowcharts for establishing AIS

Which type of automatic identification system do you need to apply for?

AIS shipborne

What do I need to do?

To apply for a shipborne AIS, you will need a maritime mobile service identity (MMSI).

We allocate MMSI’s to people who own a vessel that have AIS units (or digital selective calling (DSC) capable equipment).

To apply for a MMSI you must already have:

  1. An ACMA maritime ship station licence and callsign for an MF/HF transceiver.
  2. A vessel registered in Australia (except Northern Territory).
  3. Marine radio operator qualifications.

See the MMSI information page for more details and to apply for an MMSI.


    What do I need to do?

    To apply for an non-shipborne AIS Aton, you must:

    AIS base station

      What do I need to do?

      To apply for a non-shipborne AIS base station, you must:

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      Monday 3 December 2018