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Marine incident reporting

While marine incident reporting is mandatory, it is also important from a safety perspective as reporting informs the ongoing safety of operations, people and vessels.

AMSA’s incident report allow those making a report to identify shortfalls in the risk assessment and subsequently review and update the vessel’s safety management system. This information assures AMSA as the regulator that the owner, operator and master have an understanding of the safety issues that contributed to the marine incident and have implemented effective control measures to learn from incidents and prevent recurrence.

The value of incident reporting and the resulting analysis is the development of more effective safety strategies and advice for owners, operators and seafarers to prevent recurrence. Incident reporting and subsequent analyses should also be part of the vessel’s safety management system.

AMSA also has in place a mechanism for reporting marine safety concerns. This is available for anyone to report. A marine safety concern provides the opportunity to report any incidents observed that endangers, or if not corrected could endanger, the safety of vessels or persons. AMSA deals with marine safety concerns in the same way as it deals with incident reports.

Reporting assists AMSA in responding quickly and efficiently to a marine incident when it occurs. This is done with the intention of ensuring that appropriate control measures are implemented to prevent a re-occurrence.

Further information is available on our incident reporting page.