Maintenance of capability

AMSA is responsible for all costs associated with the delivery of training and exercises and the travel and accommodation costs of NRT personnel only.

The Control Agency is responsible for the meeting all other costs associated with NRT personnel attending training and exercises.

Attendance at NRT training and exercises by non NRT personnel will be considered on a case by case basis. All travel, accommodation and subsistence costs associated with non-NRT personnel attending these events will be strictly at the cost of the nominating agency.


Control Agencies are responsible for ensuring that NRT personnel are appropriately equipped with personal protective equipment, information technology and telephony to fulfil their functions as a member of the National Response Team. Appendix B contains a list of minimum equipment requirements for NRT personnel.

Deployment cost recovery

AMSA, in collaboration and coordination with the requesting jurisdiction or company, will be responsible for reimbursing the Control Agencies for costs associated with the deployment of NRT personnel to an incident. At the conclusion of an incident the States and Northern Territory will submit a claim for costs to AMSA, including supporting documentation.