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National System FAQ

Do you have a question about the National System? Answers to many commonly asked questions are below. Please click on the question to reveal the answer.


How do I lodge my application?

How can I find out where my application is up to?

Vessels and Operations

Does my <7.5m vessel require survey?

What are the survey requirements for my vessel?

What are my manning requirements?

How can I get a builders plate for my vessel?

Seafarers and Qualifications

How do I gain / renew / revalidate my certificate?

Do I need a Certificate of Competency if I am operating a small tinny within inland waters?

What is required when proving my sea service?

What medical certification do I need?

Where can I get a taskbook?

Where can I undertake training to achieve my domestic qualification?

I have a qualification from another country, what Australian qualification am I eligible for?

Who can I speak to about international qualifications?

State offices

I have experienced conflicting information about the National System from regional state offices. What can I do?

Why do the time frames for applications differ between states?

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