There are a number of key changes to the domestic commercial vessel qualifications framework, which will be incorporated into the new Marine order 505.

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National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part D 

The content of the NSCV Part D is updated and incorporated into the draft Marine order 505 (Certificates of Competency – National Law).

Creation of five new types of certificates:

  1. Coxswain grade 3 NC
  2. Sailing master coastal NC
  3. Sailing master offshore NC
  4. Master <45 m NC
  5. Master <100 m NC

Phasing out of three current certificates of competency

The following will no longer be issued:

  1. Master <35 m NC
  2. Mate <80 m NC
  3. Master <80 m NC

Medical fitness for masters and crew

Creation of a new standard for the assessment of medical fitness for masters and crew.

    General exemptions

    Many general exemptions that expire at end of 30 June 2025 will be incorporated into the new Marine order 505. Some exemptions will be repealed.

    Transitional arrangements will be in place for a period of time.

    Current certificates, endorsements and exemptions

    Current certificates of competency

    You may use your current certificate of competency to perform duties permitted in their certificate. The same limitations, restrictions and conditions will apply until the certificate expires.

    Current endorsements

    If you have an endorsement on your current certificate of competency, you may continue to operate with that endorsement until the certificate expires. Once the new marine order comes into effect only the endorsements specified in schedule 5 of the order will apply. 

    Current exemptions

    Some general exemptions will cease to have effect when the new order comes into effect. Changes to Marine order 505 have taken some of the exemptions into consideration and incorporated them within the order.

    See the guidelines below for details.

    The proposed Coxswain grade 3 near coastal certificate

    If you meet all the eligibility requirements for a Coxswain grade 3 near coastal certificate you can do one of the following:

    • be taken to hold a Coxswain grade 3 certificate of competency 
    • apply for a certificate of competency card. 

    See the guidelines below for details.

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