Locating containers lost from YM Efficiency

On 1 June 2018 the Liberian-flagged container ship YM Efficiency lost 81 containers in heavy weather about 30 kilometres southeast of Newcastle.

Latest update—1 August 2018: Initial sub-sea search completed

The initial sub-sea search for missing shipping containers from the YM Efficiency has identified a total of 37 probable containers and what appears to be associated debris on the sea floor off the coast of Newcastle (see high quality map 30 July 2018).

This search was conducted over a period of six days by the Port of Newcastle surveying vessel JT Gowlland on behalf of the YM Efficiency’s insurer, Aus Ship, and owner, Yang Ming. As many as 42 containers are still missing.

Aus Ship and Yang Ming have agreed to continue survey operations to locate the remaining containers.

The exact positions of confirmed containers and debris have been provided to fishers in the area and are listed below:

AMSA will also issue an updated Notice to Mariners warning them of the location of these hazards.

A total of 81 containers were lost from the YM Efficiency in rough weather in the early hours of Friday, 1 June 2018.

Once the remaining containers are located, AMSA will be able to assess the risk they present to trawling operations in the area.

Navigation safety

Mariners should remain on the lookout for navigational hazards in the area until such time as all the containers have been located.

An AUSCOAST warning remains in effect:

Chart affected – AUS 207/AUS 209/AUS 219/AUS 489/AUS 809/AUS 810/AUS 4643

Due to 83 shipping containers lost overboard in 33-02S 152-04E at 311430hrs UTC May 18, obstructions on the seabed are likely to exist in an area bounded by the following positions:

33° 05'.0 S 152° 03'.0 E
32° 50'.0 S 151° 54'.0 E
32° 38'.0 S 152° 12'.5 E
32° 45'.0 S 152° 21'.5 E.

It is possible that obstructions on the seabed may exist in an area bounded by the following positions:

32° 45'.0 S 152° 21'.5 E
32° 38'.0 S 152° 12'.5 E
32° 08'.0 S 152° 33'.0 E
32° 20'.0 S 152° 51'.5 E.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in the area.

Roads and Maritime Services NSW are also providing regular updates on their website

Reporting debris

A large amount of debris has been recovered from New South Wales Central Coast beaches since the containers were lost. To report debris or for further information call 13 12 36 or visit the NSW Roads and Maritime Services website.

Making a claim

If you feel you have been affected by this incident you should contact the vessel's insurance agent to make a claim.

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Friday 31 August 2018