What is the new short-term measure and who is affected?

From 1 January 2023, the new short-term measure will require specific types of foreign-flagged vessels and commercial Australian vessels that undertake international voyages to make:

  • technical energy efficiency improvements under the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) framework, and
  • operational energy efficiency improvements under the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) framework.  

The EEXI framework 

The EEXI applies to existing international cargo and passenger vessels of 400GT and above.  

The EEXI is related to the technical design of a vessel and involves a one-off verification of the vessel's energy efficiency that occurs at the first periodical survey in 2023 at the latest. 

Vessels that do not meet the relevant EEXI target will need to make technical improvements.  

After survey and verification of the EEXI, the EEXI values for the vessel will be detailed in the vessel's International Energy Efficiency (IEE) certificate. 

The CII framework 

The CII applies to international cargo and passenger vessels of 5,000GT and above. Under this framework, carbon intensity is measured as how efficiently a vessel transports goods or passengers.  

As of 1 January 2023, the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) must be updated to document the vessel's CII targets and how it plans to achieve them. The SEEMP must also include the CII calculation method, the reporting process and procedures for self-evaluation and improvement. 

At the end of each calendar year, the vessel's annual attained CII must be documented and reported for verification. This enables the vessel to be provided with a performance rating from A to E, where A is the highest.

Underperforming vessels, rated as D for three consecutive years or rated E once, must develop a plan of corrective actions to be included in the SEEMP.  

For detailed information on the EEXI and CII requirements, including specific vessel types affected by the new rules, please visit the AMSA website.