Safe boating means knowing the limits of your vessel.

Make sure your boat is seaworthy and appropriate for your chosen activity.

Ask yourself some simple questions—is this the best vessel for the job? Are there more suitable vessels available?  

Consider the suitability of your vessel

There are many factors to consider when assessing the suitability of a vessel to the task at hand including:

  • sufficient load carrying capacity
  • suitable passenger carrying configuration or capacity
  • sufficient range
  • adequate rail height
  • sufficient storage space
  • capability to operate offshore
  • the right safety equipment
  • the ability to handle foreseeable weather conditions.

Talk to an accredited marine surveyor about what you use your vessel for and have them assess it to figure out its suitability. 

Make sure you know your vessel's limitations. Conduct a detailed risk assessment. If necessary, consider options for a more suitable vessel in your business planning.

Boat and yacht with words: know it