Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Shipping management

Working hard

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority endeavours to meet the twin priorities of shipping safety and environmental protection.

Regulatory responses

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) works closely with Commonwealth and state government organisations and the shipping industry to ensure our supporting services and regulatory responses provide the highest levels of safety and protection of the marine environment.

AMSA also actively works with the International Maritime Organization to maximise safety outcomes in the internationally agreed standards that ships are required to adhere to.

AMSA’s services and regulatory responses include initiatives such as:

  • the provision of an optimised, annually-reviewed and cost effective network of aids to navigation
  • up to date delegated legislation (marine orders) that ensure Australia upholds its international obligations to ensure safe and secure shipping in Australian waters
  • ongoing refinement of coastal pilotage arrangements within the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait
  • developing shipping management plans for sensitive and high traffic areas
  • ongoing engagement with industry, particularly when new developments will affect shipping traffic
  • engagement with the offshore industry to ensure high levels of safety.

Further information

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