Putting your safety management system to work

Tenders need love too. Ensure your safety management system (SMS) covers all vessels.
Tender vessel out on the ocean

Safe boating with tenders

Parent vessels must have a safety management system (SMS) that covers the safety of its tenders.

The vessel master and crew should be involved in identifying the hazards and risks in each operation.

The SMS should address the risks associated with tender operations and how these risks will be controlled and managed.

Make your SMS easy to understand

Crew inductions and drills should be conducted on the parent and tender vessels. All crew members should be trained to ensure they are competent at operating a tender safely.

Know where your tenders are at all times

It’s the responsibility of the parent vessel master to monitor each tender boat at all times.

A marine radio should be installed on each tender for continuous communication. Radar or Automatic Identification System (AIS) can be used to monitor the location of each tender boat.

Responding in an emergency

An SMS must include information on how the master and crew will respond in an emergency.

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Thursday 3 September 2020