AMSA and Medibank Health Solutions update their memorandum of understanding

Wednesday 23 April 2014

On 13 March AMSA held its quarterly meeting with Medibank Health Solutions (MHS) in Port Melbourne at the offices of the Australian Shipowners Association (ASA).

Graham Peachey, CEO and Jason Keir, General Manager for Medibank Health Solutions

Graham Peachey, CEO, Allan Schwartz, GM SSD, and Jason Keir, General Manager for Medibank Health Solutions, also attended the meeting.

Medibank Health Solutions is the company that administers the AMSA medical examinations required by Marine Order 9 (Health—medical fitness) 2010 for seafarers serving on regulated Australian vessels.

AMSA has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Medibank Health Solutions for the conduct of these seafarer medicals. The MOU has been in place for three years and was due to be extended for another two years. With the introduction of the Navigation Act 2012 on 1 July 2013, the opportunity was taken to update the MOU so that it referenced the latest legislation. It was also amended using the lessons learnt over the last three years.

After the quarterly meeting a morning tea was held with the representatives from the six shipping companies based in Melbourne that employ seafarers who work on regulated Australian vessels. During the morning tea a new MOU between AMSA and MHS was signed by Graham Peachey and Jason Keir.