AMSA coordinates rescue of pair after light air crash

Thursday 2 April 2015
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has coordinated the rescue of two people after their light aircraft crashed south west of Camden in New South Wales.
Media Release

Two people on board the aircraft made a mayday call soon after 3pm today. A GPS encoded distress beacon was subsequently activated and detected at 3.37pm (AEDT).

AMSA Search and Rescue tasked a rescue helicopter from Bankstown to the area in the Warragamba Dam catchment area where a Jabiru type aircraft crash landed in the Nattai River.

The rescue helicopter spotted the two people close to the wreckage of the aircraft about 4pm and winched them to safety soon after.

Both were taken to Bankstown airport, with minor injuries, for medical attention.

The personal locator beacon activated by those on board was registered correctly and resulted in a rapid rescue response.

Beacon registration is mandatory and it is a timely reminder for people to register their flight details or planned fishing trips or hikes on the AMSA website in addition to any flight planning.

It is vital to keep your information up to date so visit the website if you change your contact details, dispose of a beacon or transfer ownership.

Beacon information can be found on our website.