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Have your say—vessels being used as short term marina accommodation

Tuesday 1 May 2018
Consultation is now open on a proposed new general exemption (exemption 27) for vessels being used as short term accommodation while berthed at marinas.

The consultation is open for an extended eight week period until 25 June 2018.

Under the exemption, the requirements and safety standards that vessel owners and operators need to meet, will be better aligned to the risk associated with this kind of vessel use.   

Vessels under exemption 27 will still have to meet a minimum safety standard, based on a set of conditions of use, including:

  • the vessel is berthed at a marina and can be accessed on a ‘step on, step off’ basis
  • the vessel owner implementing and maintaining a written safety management system
  • the vessel owner obtaining written approval from the marina authorising the use of the vessel for short term accommodation
  • the vessel complying with specific standards in respect to electrical, gas and fire safety
  • a person not being able to operate the vessel or start the engine at any time.

In line with AMSA’s Statement of Regulatory Approach, the proposed general exemption seeks to balance the risks to safety of persons on board against the regulatory burden imposed under the current framework.

You do not need to apply to us for approval to operate under the general exemption. Your vessel must meet the eligibility criteria in the exemption and comply with all of the conditions.  

You will still need to:

  • obtain a National Law unique vessel identifier and display it on the vessel
  • comply with the general safety duties outlined in Part 3 of the National Law
  • comply with State and Territory laws that apply to the vessel, including local waterways management laws, environmental management, workplace health and safety and gas and electrical safety
  • pay any levies and/or fees for the vessel which the owner may be liable to pay to us and State/Territory marine safety agencies.

Find out more about the new exemption or provide feedback.

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