More flexible rules for first aid supplies on domestic commercial vessels

Wednesday 5 August 2015
If you are operating in Class C, C Restricted, D or E waters, and are required to meet the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part C7A (Safety Equipment), you now have flexibility to determine the type and quantity of first aid supplies that are appropriate for your operation.
Media Release

A new solution lets you decide if you continue to carry the 'Scale' medical kit or cabinet as prescribed in Part C7A of the NSCV, or assess the risks of your operation and customise your first aid kit to suit your circumstances.

AMSA's General Manager of Domestic Vessels, John Fladun, said this change will make it easier for operators to comply with the standards without forcing them to buy first aid kits that may not be appropriate for their circumstances.

'While it's important that all vessels carry first aid supplies, what is suited for one operation might not be suited for another,' Mr Fladun said.

'This change will allow operators to assess their own requirements potentially saving them money, and reducing waste, because only first aid supplies appropriate to their operation need to be carried on board.'

It’s important to note that if operators decide to use a different first aid kit it must also comply with the Work Health and Safety Code of Practice.

To find out what your first aid kit should include AMSA has published this guide online (PDF 1018.64 KB).

More information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF 219.57 KB).