Rescue of motorcyclists in Simpson Desert

Wednesday 9 October 2013
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is conducting a rescue of two motorcyclists who are stranded in the Simpson Desert, 440 kilometres south east of Alice Springs.
Media Release

The pair called for help earlier today (Wednesday) when their motorcycles suffered mechanical difficulties and they had insufficient fuel, food and water to continue their trip.

AMSA has tasked a rescue helicopter from Mt Isa to recover the two men tomorrow, after stopping in Birdsville overnight to refuel.

The location of the incident is so remote that it is equal distance from each Cairns, Darwin and Essendon.

The men were part of a group of six on a journey through the Simpson Desert.

On Tuesday, AMSA received a request for assistance from another member of the party who has since been recovered to Alice Springs.

The two men awaiting recovery do not have an emergency beacon and as such it was difficult for authorities to identify the two separate incidents.

AMSA reminds all adventurers to ensure they have made the correct safety preparations including owning and registering a GPS-equipped emergency beacon and alerting authorities of trip plans.

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