Safety—you've got to learn it

Thursday 1 October 2020
Just like on our roads, the use of boats and other vessels on the water demands that we abide by safety rules and laws.
Domestic commercial vessel

 For these to be effective you need to know what applies to you, and put it into practice. 

The rules that apply will depend on whether your activity is recreational or commercial, your type of vessel, whether you carry passengers and the waters you move in.  

Boating licenses and qualifications help ensure you are aware of the boating safety laws and practices in your field, as do the additional requirements associated with vessel survey and operation in the commercial industries. 

Your state, territory and federal marine safety agencies are the best places to get informed about what applies to you and your circumstances. 

Safe boating is also about learning from your experiences, using this experience to enrich your skills and knowledge, and passing this on to others.  

Share your stories, lessons learnt and advice through the channels you have available, whether it be having a yarn, social media or more traditional means, like training—use your knowledge to spread safety.