Updated requirements for EPIRBs and lifejackets on some small vessels

Tuesday 15 December 2020
We have updated requirements for vessels under 7.5 metres in length without level flotation that operate in open waters more than 2 nautical miles from land.
small vessel

From 1 January 2021, operators of these vessels will have the option to carry either:

  • a float-free EPIRB, or
  • if all persons on board are wearing a lifejacket, any GNSS (GPS) equipped EPIRB that complies with Australian Standard 4280.1:2017.

The updated requirements also introduce new definitions for:

  • Float-free EPIRBs
  • float-free brackets
  • GNSS equipped EPIRBs
  • level flotation
  • water-activated EPIRBs.

For more information refer to Edition 1.5 of NSCV sub-section C7B-Communications equipment.

This standard does not include requirements for EPIRBs that are packed in liferafts. Refer to NSCV C7A - Safety Equipment for liferaft requirements.

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